Growing still, still growing

In 2013 artists from the Dutch Caribbean islands were selected to join the group exhibition ‘Tropisch Koninkrijk’ in museum ‘de Fundatie’ in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Besides some wearable art pieces exposed in iron frames, I made an installation of ‘petals’ on strings. They turn a little bit when the air in the space is moving.

One side of the installation has only white petals, and moving to the other side they become greyer and blacker and have quite some marks. It stands for the development of a human being: starting pure and blank and becoming more and more interesting during the years.

I made this little poem to accompany the installation:

At that time, poems appeared on walls of big buildings, to uplift the street view. In a nursery home in Scheveningen they were actually looking for a fitting poem. A visitor of the exhibition in de Fundatie read my poem and sent to the jury. The rest is history…