Tea set ‘Golden touch’

In 2008 Curaçao got a new, classy tearoom and champagne bar. The owner asked me to design the cups and saucers, teapots and sugar bowls. It had to be local, with recognizable aspects from the island. And she wanted it ‘chique’ and a bit naughty.

I decided to make moulds for pouring clay, to be able to make series of identical items.

I made the moulds from local fruits, vegetables and seeds, like gourds, coconuts, pumpkins, etc.; that would be one local aspect.

A lime and peanut for the espresso cup.

Pumpkin and plantain for one of the teapots.

After pouring the clay, assembling the ‘ginger’ handle.

Another local aspect I used are the doily’s (here they are called ‘dollies’). Baking (and eating!) traditional pies is popular on the island.

Preparing the decoration of the doily on the greenware. Each design I added in high and low relief, and gold luster.

High relief bisque fired.

Bonbon plates ready to be glazed.
Glazing production line.
Done and not yet done with gold luster.

I added a few other characteristics.

The feet of the cups and the not totally flat bottom of the saucers, make that they don’t really fit perfectly. That stands for the easy going way people live their live here, comparing to other countries. But… when people go out, they really dress up. That is the golden touch.

Besides the gold, which looks chique already, I wanted to add another ‘chique’ aspect. Because there is no opening in the handle of the cups, you are ‘forced’ to pick up the cup between your index – and middle finger, and your thumb. While doing that, your pink will almost automatically rise when you drink.

Then… last but not least… the naughty aspect. I did integrate that as well, but I am sorry, that is only for those who use the tea set to discover.