Dealing with emotional pain

Feeling emotional abandoned by your parents is painful. Somehow you have to find a way to get over that, how to turn the pain into gain.

I used nails to express the pain. While wearing this necklace the nails are pointing towards me, but already covered with a ceramic tube which protects me from the sharpness. And they have a golden head. The process of dealing with the pain is already started…

The necklace is called ‘Pagara’, because it looks like firecrackers, which I don’t like because of the noise and the smell… but still used for a happy last day of the year. Kind of the same double feeling towards the necklace: the inspiration was not only positive, but the outcome looks nice.

​The next phase was transforming the pain into benefits. Still nails, but now the point away from me and they are covered with soft and colorful silk. You don’t even see them anymore… the pain is still there as a memory, but it contributed in an also positive way to the person I am now.