Every country has its own spiritual habits and symbols. It is not always clear if they are about superstition or traditional healing methods which are still used from generation to generation. I choose some of these local phenomena and interpreted them on my own way.

Meaning of the amulets

Little jar with black seeds: connection with the healing power of nature. There are spots on the island with a very positive and relaxing vibe. It also stands for the ability of earth to take over physical and emotional pain.

In this little jar with holes are 3 kinds of incense: to gain health, happiness and money. On New Year’s Eve these 3 kinds are sprinkled on burning charcoal in a pot. There are different ways to use it. One is for example: you walk with the pot through the house to chase away old bothering spirits and attract new positive energy. Another one is: the pot is placed on the floor and you jump over it three times, so you will start the new year cleaned yourself.

This jar is to purify water.

Golden jar that stands for the promises of different healers… from spiritual gifted to black magic (which is called ‘brua’ on the island). You never know if the treatment was really helpful or not.

A hollow ball with gold inside: the healing power of light, of the sun.

Little white jar with relief: connection with the spirits who can bring comfort.

Special jar to make healing tea from local herbs.

Terracotta jar with red seeds from the ormosia coccinea, or huayruro.
As bracelet or necklace would protect little children against the ‘bad eye’. Be careful, because they are poisoning when swallowed!
I put them around the jar, like the rhythm instruments (shakers)… also dance has a healing effect.

This jar contains healthy food straight from nature. For example: moringa and aloe vera are growing all around. The wooden sticks stand for the ‘palu di lele’, a kind of wooden whisk made from the tree with the same name. It is used to make ‘funchi’, a local dish like polenta.


This piece is all about the mondi (the bush bush).
It gifts like special herbs and food, but also poisoning plants and thorns.
The attractive paths to hike away, but also the easy way you get lost and won’t be able to find your way back.
The beautiful cosy trails but also the uncomfortable vibe you can experience on certain locations.