Maintaining my old house

One day, and I still don’t know what made me do this, I began making tiny ceramic pieces smaller  than a square cm each – hundreds of them. After firing them 2 or 3 times with glaze, and some with gold luster, I just left them on my crafting table – and that’s where they remained, untouched, for quite a while.

Around the time I made those tiny  tiles, I redecorated my house, helped by friends. And in the course of this project, I removed the ill-fitting skirting boards.

Sometime after I decided to string those tiles together and they formed a necklace-object symbolic of maintaining my old house.

The necklace gold luster matches the kintsugi inspired paint I used to mark cracks in the walls….

Those skirting boards were my materials for making the frames. Their red paint stains… are talking to the tiny red tiles.