Ingredients of Curaçao

I was asked to make dinner tableware for a couple who spent some time on Curacao. They wanted to bring something home from the island, and gave me ‘carte blanche’ to add ingredients from Curacao nature and society.

One of the ingredients of Curacao is that not everything is going like you might have planned… there is often an excuse to differ from what has been agreed. But in the end, most of the time things come together, just like with this dinner service. The golden rim stands for the passion and warmth from the people, enjoying the casual way of living under the tropical sun.
The crackles in the dirt after drying out in the sun. And the tangle of leafless branches and thorns in the dry season.
The way a lot of things are organized on Curacao: improvising with what is available.
The soil: stones and thorns everywhere.